Broken -For Clarinet Bb and Live electronics (2024) Clr Bb, Electronics (Max)

3 short listening exercises for self-playing piano (2024)
Fixed Media, Live electronics and Disklavier

Krysninger -Fluktuasjoner (2023)
Vln, Clr Bb, Fl – trio acoustic

Mesmerisms no.1 (2023)
Electroacoustic Ambisonic 3D + Video HD

Oni mono (2022)
Electroacoustic Ambisonic 3D

Inside-Outside (2021/22)
Live electronics with Parallax ensemble

Currents (2021)
Audio Visual -Binaural and Video

Veloscenes (2019)
Electroacoustic, Ambisonic 3D

Shifting Changes (2019)
Ensemble, (p,fl,cl,vl,vlcperc).

JA-HA-KYU(for Levi) (2018/19)
Electroacoustic 6th order Ambisonic format

Ombre Cinesi III (2018)
Open form for nth number of performers.

Untitled echoes for adjacent rooms -Listening to Gerard Grisey ( 2017)
Electroacoustic multichannel, commissioned by nyMusikk for OnlyConnect festival 2017.

Radial Fiction (2017)
Electroacoustic, 5th order Ambisonic 3D

NKFi100-HUndre Aar fra Sør (2017) – Et gjenbruksprosjekt.
Electroacoustic 3ord order Ambisonic 3D.

In a Now (2017) -in collaboration with PDconception trio and Trond Lossius -Piano, Percussion, Live electronics and multichannel sound.

Ombre Cinesi II (2016/17)
Electroacoustic, Ambisonic 2D

Ombre Cinesi I (2016/2018)
For prepared Guitar, Live electronics and multichannel sound.

A parallax view (2015)
Live electronics Ambisonic & Guitar, Percussion and Trumpet in collaboration with Parallax trio.

And the Ticks becomes the Tocks and The Tocks become the Ticks (2014) Electroacoustic, Ambisonic 2D

Electronic Music for Small Acoustic Objects (2013)! For amplified n-number of small resonant objecs and computer realtime timbre-analysis and live electronics/processing. ( with machine learning algorhitms and pre-trained datasets. In collaboration with Gyrid Nordal Kaldestad.

Ierotelestia (2013)
Electroacoustic/Installation in Ambisonic 4th order+hybrid multichannel

Reunion2012 –Sound producing Actions through the game of Chess (2012) -Interactive installation/Performance -in collaboration with Eskil Muan Sæther and NOTAM.

Thick Wires (2011/12) Electroacoustic, Stereo. Commisioned by Composing with Sound project (EU cultural project).

Groven-remixed 5 høns til fjær (2012) Live electronics for Just intonation organ (Groven organ) and feedback loops

Light,Action Sound! (2010) For n number of MacBooks in network. Syncronized computer music performance

Feldman Stretched (2009) Electroacoustic 8 channel. Commissioned by Luca Francesconi for the Ultima festival(EXIT)

UhnKunkh (2002/03) Electroacoustic, stereo.

Uniun (2002/03) Electroacoustic, stereo.